New Drum Kits !!! Whoop whoop!

Hi Guys,

We got some new kits for all four room. Mapex Meridian Birch and Maple. 

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New Keyboard Available

Hi Everybody,

We have got a new keyboard available to hire for only £5 per session. Yamaha P35 is a full size digital piano with 88 weighted keys. 

Great piano sound and a joy to play.


Air Conditioning at Arch Studios

Hi Everyone,

Great news! All of our rooms are fully air conditioned now. A breath of fresh air to make your rehearsals even more comfortable. 

Come and see for yourself. 


In other news, check out new song from our friends at Circumnavigate. Great stuff.




Upgrades and updates.

Hi Folks, 

trace elliotWelcome to our new website. For now, still quite basic however  new features, like customer message board for example, are coming real soon.

Pictures on the site are courtesy of Jan Vrhovnik, out fellow drummer/photographer. You can check out more of his work here:

 In other news we have a new special offer: 11am – 5pm – 6h for only £45. 

Also, on the day bookings are £7 / h.

Repairs and upgrades are slowly on the way too. We have couple new cymbal stands and a new bass amp – Trace Elliot GP7 4×10″ Combo.

We are on the lookout for a few more things for the studio so if you have anything we could be interested in, get in touch at