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Universal Music is the UK’s leading music company and home to artists from Take That and Florence + The Machine to Mumford & Sons and The Rolling Stones.

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Virgin EMI Recordsimages (1)

Ever since the label was founded 40 years ago by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Records has been at the heart of every seminal moment in music. In March 2013, Virgin joined forces with another illustrious name in music – EMI – to become Virgin EMI Records, starting a new chapter in the history of both iconic labels. Virgin EMI is home to artists from across the music spectrum.

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Tech Music Schoolimages (2)

Tech Music School (TMS) in London is an established market leader in popular music education, delivering professional, real world training for performers, producers, songwriters and business entrepreneurs.

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Thames TVe2341ab95f80222ac15a6029ac7a938a 

Thames is Britain’s leading producer of quality entertainment TV, and is home to the UK’s biggest and best entertainment programmes.




Ten Years After954886_506286542790014_1667671726_n

Genre: Rock.

 Ten Years After are an English blues-rock band, most popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Between 1968 and 1973, Ten Years After scored eight Top 40 albums on the UK Albums Chart. In addition they had twelve albums enter the US Billboard 200, and are best known for tracks such as “I’m Going Home”, “Hear Me Calling”, “I’d Love to Change the World” and “Love Like a Man”.



Karen Harding10532928_10152298276488317_1893549048573688168_n

Genre: Dance, Soul, R’n’B, Jazz

Karen Harding is a British singer. Harding’s influences include R&B, pop and soul artists such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Lisa Stansfield, as well as dance acts Craig David andMadison Avenue. She will release her debut single, “Say Something”, in 2015.

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One Night Only1975151_10153005443411501_1309896748799985473_n

Gerne: Indie – Rock

One Night Only are a British Indie-Rock band form Helmsley, North Yorkshire. The name, One Night Only, came about when they were asked to play a gig. They did not have a name at the time and so came up with One Night Only, intending the title to, literally, last for only one night, but the name stuck. On the 16th September, 2014, One Night Only released the first single “Get Around To It” from their forthcoming album predicted to arrive later in the year.

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Body Of People4_1277247098

Genre: Punk – Rock

A Body of People is a band. Actually, maybe the band simply represents a body of People in which case, who are the people? Is it you? Is it everyone or is it a select body of people? Does it include the band?

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The Fleasthe fles

Genre: Indie

We are The Fleas. Come in, sit down, and help yourself to a biscuit. We’re a 6-piece from West London – four boys and two girls. We come out of the C86 indie tradition, but with crisper lines and hopefully better tunes.



Tokyo Rock Machine1463079_1065574466789477_6400950808152478837_n

Genre: Rock

Tokyo Rock Machine are roaring out of West London slaying audiences with back to basics hard riffing guitars, powerhouse drumming and soaring vocal hooks.

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The Snakes10363531_758393737539400_1352452766322835089_n 

Genre: Rock.

Over the last ten years, The Snakes have become known as the bad boys of Alt-Country, with their guitar fuelled rock & roll, Uncut Magazine describing them as “Muswell Hill’s own Whiskeytown” following their appearance on Clubhouse Records’ compilation CD, Divided By A Common Language – A Collection Of UK Americana.

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Rat Face Lewey554530_10151873438639274_58615516_n

Genre: Alternative Rock.

Rat Face Lewey – The Alternative Rock band from London. The bands musical style predominately finds its roots in Rock, Grunge, Punk and Metal. “Music is our life blood” is the statement on their Twitter account, and in regards to their live set this proclamation is certainly justified. Currently, Rat Face Lewey are actively gigging across London’s vibrant & famous live music venues, they have also played a number of festivals. 

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Genre: Blues – Pop

Rocheii is the new up and coming band that musically consists of blues, pop and an alternative sound. The music offers a range of dynamics whilst delivering strong melodies, grooving bass lines, hard hitting beats and a strong back bone within the rhythm of the band. 



Marco Mestichella998643_212866878879161_271066220_n

Genre: Trip Hop – Soft Rock.

Marco Mestichella is an emerging artist originally from Italy. His style includes elements of trip hop, soft rock, adult contemporary and dream pop. Soft and reverberated guitar riffs, thick bass lines, surreal electronic sounds, groovy trumpets, and radio friendly hooks mixed with theatrical interludes and ambient noises.

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Beautiful, misty, dreamlike layers of electronic pop dapple over you like the sun glistening on a still, silent lake. Aquilo are creating a soundscape full of space and soul that would complement the sunrise perfectly.

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Genre: Electronic – Ambient – Acoustic

 The 17-year-old electronic artist and producer has been internationally recognised since the release of her self-produced tracks Station and Valentine.

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Millie Manders1006023_620550004645678_650717769_n

Genre: Singer – Songwriter

Millie is as off the wall off the stage as she is on it.  A bubbly and bright singer songwriter from South London she writes punchy, punky, bouncy rock pop songs that get you on your feet and moving.  Scratch the surface though and lyrically her tough upbringing and life experiences can be felt too.

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Bad Solution46704_648731821839873_1840146812_n

Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

London based 5 piece Heavy Metal band, formed in 2010 by 2 guitarists, Trix and Mariusz. Originally all polish members but now fronted by British vocalist Alex Willox who took over November 2011. After 2 months of playing together Bad Solution made their live debut In Hammersmith, London for Poland’s most recognized charity (Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity).



The Navajo224003_229350293862958_80267836_n

Genre: Blues – Rockabilly

The band’s sound draws on blues, rockabilly and surf rock, and its original songs could be described as Americana tinged rock.  The music veers from epic soundscapes to rootsy blues, whilst always maintaining The Navajo’s unique sound.

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Genre: Rock

Rap metal band from London.  

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Other Eyes Wisecropped-oew_logo21

Genre: Rock – Metal

Other Eyes Wise are a four piece London based heavy rock band formed in late 2010, featuring heavily detuned riffs with more groove than is often heard in this style of music.   

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Pit Best1512502_182372051969932_38879850_n

Genre: Indie – Alternative.

Dynamic, exiting, topical, international, universal, drench and exposed indie band from London.

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Genre: Funk – Soul.

Angéline creates an eclectic mix of Blues, Funk and Soul and stands out for the power of her live performances and vocals skills. Originally from France, Angéline is a singer-songwriter who has been living in London for a few years where she studied music.

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Quiet Quiet BandQQB_Promo_Shot_898__2__400x400

Genre: Alt-Country – Folk

Folk, rock, downtempo, murder ballads.

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The Favouritesmq1

Genre: Rock – Pop.

An experienced and fun, London-based wedding and party band; The Favourites are ready to get your event jumping! The band take their finely honed and energetic act to weddings, parties and corporate events all over the UK and beyond, so no one has to miss out!

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Albert Man1507593_630348980375389_2093142627103120664_n

Genre: Alternative Pop rock

Albert Man has built a powerful portfolio of songs and cast of devoted fans. A regular performer and headliner at the Troubadour, London’s legendary live music club, this Man about town is not to be missed.

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The Killer B`s28702_117714424933525_7824289_n

Genre:  Rhythm and blues.

Power blues combo The Killer B’s hail from London. A muscular, turbo-charged blues outfit formed by two bass men, Chris Thompson and Ricky McGuire, both musicians with impeccable credentials. Thompson was the anchorman in the hard driving psycho blues outfit The Screaming Blue Messiahs whilst McGuire is best known as being the bassist in The Men They Couldn’t Hang. 

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H.A.M. avatars-000070588160-1is53n-t200x200

Genre: Rock

We make music your ears love to fuck to. We like melody. We like guitars. We combine the two with boom. We want to play for you. We want to make you move.

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Early Glide1235999_468382413268597_1184096715_n

Genre: Rock.

Early Glide is an English rock band from London. Formed by singer-guitarist Remi Remenant and vocalist-bassist Denis Remenant.

The two brothers used to play and live in France with the drummer Hugo Wyon in a formation called Breadlies.

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Genre: Rock.

The four Findlay sisters, who’d go on to become the earthen psych-rock opal that is Stonefield, had been granted their wish of a drum kit by their parents, whose Zappa, Hendrix and Zeppelin records had long been the shared soundtrack of the household.

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Genre: Basement Music.

Another in a long line of noisey two pieces. Made up of two brothers. Based in West London.

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Two Ways Home10599672_1703241166568377_2608545424091862405_n

Genre: Acoustic, Folk Rock.

Two Ways Home, formally known as My Little Austrian Friend, have expanded from a duo into a five piece opening up a whole new world of musical possibilities. Best known for their acoustic sound wrapped up in beautiful harmonies they have now melded into a folk rock band with a country twist still maintaining their unique blend.

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The Common1234066_604155656294922_571947212_a

Genre: Electro/Indie/Alternative

The Common are a electro indie band from Stroud, Gloucestershire and London. Taking inspiration from acts that mix electronic music with live instrumentation such as Friendly Fires, The XX and SBTRKT, The Common are a new sound in a fresh and exciting electro/indie scene. Their debut E.P. was released through Glasstone Records on the 21st of October 2013.

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The Engine549700_407744869274754_381244761_n

Genre: Funk – Jazz.

 Bringing you the rawest retro funk in instrumental form, from JBs, Headhunters and Rare Groove to Afrobeat mania.



The Filthy Sixavatars-000045577248-44ulom-t200x200

Genre: Acid Jazz – Funk.

The Filthy Six are the most exciting, authentic Soul Jazz outfit in the UK today and have established themselves as one of the most electric live acts around. Their soaring horns, blistering guitar and gut-wrenching Hammond are fuelled by one of the hardest grooving rhythm sections East of the Atlantic producing a hip-shakingly powerful mixture of jazz, funk and boogaloo totally in keeping with the finest traditions of the Blue Note sound. 



The Spindle Sect577308_10150757371947949_315767907_n

Genre: Metal – Hip Hop – Electronic

The Spindle Sect’s crossover sound has positioned them as one of the most provocative bands to emerge this decade, combining elements of metal, hip hop and electronic, with a Sci-Fi lyrical concept.

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Ivory Heroes1366999358_image

Genre: Indie – Soul – Funk

Ivory Heroes is an up & coming band known for its high energy live lounge sets often referred to as “Bonkers!..” & “Out of this world!..”. Constantly blending music styles & mixing everything from funk – Rock while throwing in a little jazz. Creating their unique sound driven by the heartbeat of the drums & fusing together a new genre of music.

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Any O`Neillany__oneill

Genre: Indie – Polk

A Londoner from an Irish background, Any O’Neill is a singer and multi-instrumentalist, writing Aggressive Indie-Polk. On stage he’s accompanied by full band though on the recordings all the instruments are played by himself.

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Plush Bandavatars-000050142548-xpwu9v-t200x200

Genre: Funk – Blues – Jazz

Based in London, Plush plays gigs at pubs, clubs and weddings across the city and further afield. Whether it’s funk, rock, blues or jazz, Plush delivers. From Prince to James Brown, the Rolling Stones to Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz to the Foo Fighters, this versatile band has something for everyone.

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Dani Molino1459348_675904205767886_1813829376_a

Genre: Acoustic

Dani Molino is a Blues roots/Folk/Americana singer-songwriter based in London. He was born in Madrid, Spain but moved to London in 2009 in order to pursue his music career. The core band consists of Dani Molino on guitar and lead vocals), Damien Thill on Drums and Percussion, Che Long on Electric Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin, Alex Lofoco on Bass and Paolo Bucciarelli on Piano and Organs.

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Instant Flight223651_100351316732377_4362433_n

Genre: Pop Rock Folk Psychedelic Rock’n’Roll

Instant Flight is 4piece band formed in London in 1999. They released their first EP in 2001.




First And Lastavatars-000049514996-uurpf3-t200x200

Genre: Hip-Hop

Apex Zero and OMeza Omniscient, journey through life, discovering their purpose as they go, battling their captors and connecting with the like minded along the way. With every step they take, their severed roots reconnect with their stolen histories, and in equal proportion, their branches stretch out into the future to connect with comrades not yet known or perhaps still unborn.

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Frank Freeman1176365_533609563373971_899962459_a

Genre: Electronic

Frank Freeman is a London based musician, DJ, music producer. His productions vary from chilled, ambient soundscapes to weird bluesy improvisations, from dark electronic tracks to chilled hip hop beats. Unhindered by genre, he allows the music to evolve and take its own shape.

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Juniper Blooms942127_515867381811202_408200720_n

Genre: Alternative Rock

Juniper Blooms are an alternative rock band based in London.

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Supernova 10155425_1493796364175660_3912437015220852314_n

Genre: Rock

Great rock band from London.

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Plain Jane1969191_306753932813663_8839990931914677488_n

Genre: Rock Pop Indie

Plain Jane is an up and coming four piece all female Indie/Rock band based in west London. 

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Genre: Rock

London based trio BEASTS have been honing their craft for the last couple of years in rehearsal spaces, building on a foundation made from admira- tion for the likes of The Pixies, Nirvana, My Bloody Valentine and Queens
of the Stone Age.
The influences and inspriation taken from the aforementioned acts sowed the seeds for what has become their debut, self-titled EP.

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Nick Saxton1005899_398228363610874_1989330391_n

Genre: Singer – Songwriter.

Nick Saxton is an English Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has gained recognition for his brand of euphoric heartland rock, poetic lyrics and his passionate and commanding live performances. Born in North-West London, Nick began playing the piano and writing music at a young age. Early musical influences include Bob Marley and memorable summers listening to Van Morrison on trips to the coast.

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Genre: Blues – rock

New blues-rock band from London. 






Writing, arranging and producing himself, until now, Ofei has elected to set out his stall with the music alone, his public reticence – to date he has never done an interview – helping create a certain mysterious ethos around him.

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Sunday Replay1926275_10153909278340430_13950837_o

Genre: Pop

London/Surrey based pop and rock covers band




Genre: Rock – Metal

enkElination (enkeli – meaning Angel in finnish) was formed in November 2011 by classically trained former opera singer Elina Siirala. She moved to London in 2008 and fell in love with the power and performance of rock and metal. Years of trying to fit her voice into the pop mould, she finally started writing music she loved and worked with her vocals. Since then she’s been joined by some great musicians and been swept away by the metal scene.

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Jamie Crawford1236259_511897382230356_616078854_n

Jamie Crawford is budding musician breaking onto the music scene and trying to get listened to by millions. Writing and singing his own music and playing as many gigs as he can whilst building a fan base.
Describing his music as a mix of Pop, folk and blues, this former Reading Uni student is one to keep an eye on.

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King Cobra10314544_811243522236864_8856209498051503846_n

Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal.

King Cobra is a Hard hitting hard rock/traditional heavy metal band here to destroy the concept that rock is dead, one gig at a time.




Genre: Lo-fi bluesy grunge rock, with a slow-burning psychedelic feel.






Genre: Urban Pop

Duplex is an Urban/Pop duo made up of rapper, CeeOhhEll, and singer, Junior Skye, who both produce and write all of their own music. Born and raised in the West Midlands, Duplex consists of two members, 23 year-old rapper CeeOhhEll and 24 year-old vocalist Junior Skye.

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Hannah Nicklin10671341_10152208050467202_5027878494534746374_n 

Genre: Theatre – Punk

Maker of theatre, designer of games, sporadic reviewer/perpetual gig goer, occasional academic, producer, triathlete, activist, etc.



This Elation10671349_1478184709100965_5223456170217638579_n

Genre: Rock

This Elation is a South London based band formed of Adrien Schockert, Elliot Noble, Chris McCarthy, Andrea Giannelli and Max Showler.


Matt James995278_1413141892260253_1046240667_n

Genre: Acoustic

Singer/Songwriter based in the UK. Hooky pop/rock with soulful tones.

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Genre: Rock

Freshly formed in London in 2014, RobotBoy are a rock trio, blending sounds from fist pumping rock anthems to slow burning passionate pieces. The band are currently recording their debut EP and gearing up for a host of live shows.

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Ben Marwood935244_10151538762832746_1191121786_n

Genre: Folk – Acoustic.

Reading’s first or second most popular folk export depending on who you count and who you talk to, Ben Marwood has spent more than a decade treading the boards of toilet venues, back rooms, front rooms, arts centres, libraries, pubs, bars, underneath cinemas, clubs, bathtubs and one Olympic stadium.

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Genre: Rock – Metal

Pyrokin has been founded in January 2012. The band received a very good consensus from fans and it is scoring the 5th position in reverbnation for metal in London area and 16th position nationwide.

Pyrokin music influence comes from band like: Tool, Deftones, Opeth, Katatonia, Alice in Chains just to mention few.

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Jimmy The Dog374098_453989951309143_1940009835_n

Genre: Americana.

British-based, adult-oriented Americana Rock, influenced by Petty, Isaak, Earle et al, but with a generally harder edge and although country-infused, definitely on the rocky, rather than the folky/country side of Americana.




Genre: Alternative

Sonitus is an Alternative Band, With a mix of Rock, Folk, Tribal Rhythms and a Heavy emphasis on Powerful Lyrics. Dark/moody/soulful yet somehow with surprisingly optimistic undertones and sound.

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Ella On The Run1240432_10151847204951967_605259712_n

Genre: Pop.

Ella On The Run is retro sounds, reggae vibes and electro-pop beats with infectious hooks, all brought to life by Ella’s versatile and warm voice. 

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Seven Red Lions993725_10151946677779617_1342513798_n

Genre: Rock.

Rock and Roll, Indie Rock, Blues band. 





Tenth Electric1229945_645001775519524_177902053_n

Genre: Electric Rock.

Tenth Electric are a five piece electric rock group based in London, formed in March 2012.
Since then the band have played numerous high profile shows around the country, including support slots for Gin Wigmore, and Lloyd Grossman, Glen Matlock and Ben Montague.

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Nothing But Thieves1384283_528346423906087_140649984_a

Genre: Indie – Alternaive

A band with the talent, integrity and vision to create heartbreakingly beautiful music entirely on their own terms. 




Genre: Rock.

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Carli is a singer/songwriter and trained dancer from the south east of England, after studying performing arts at college she then went on to gain a degree in music and dance at university. If you like Pink, Amanda Perez, Paramore, Amy Winehouse or Motown then you may enjoy my music, too.

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Mitchell Perera993679_668822343128408_1176501224_n

Genre: Acoustic.

I write songs about friends, loneliness, love (and lack of it), parties, depression, getting way too drunk and hooking up with people you shouldn’t have, lame jobs, mental illness,  staying up till 4 a.m feeling like nothing is going to be ok,  getting way too high and embarrassing yourself, feeling like an outcast, passing out upstairs surrounded by your best friends, being with the people you love…